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Name-calling: The FDA needs your ideas for locking down brand monikers

Advertising experts have a few tricks up their sleeves when concocting a drug's proprietary name, which might just thrust the product to astounding success. And now, the FDA is hinting that it might allow drug companies to reserve these names in advance--with a few rules.

Why are Anoro and Breo slow starters? GSK's new quota-free model, critics say

GlaxoSmithKline needs its respiratory blockbuster hopefuls Breo and Anoro to fill in where aging giant Advair is dropping off. Thing is, their launches aren't going as well as expected--and some analysts are pointing fingers at GSK's new quota-free sales model as the reason why.

Merck spokeswoman: Sales layoffs to hit PA-based field reps

Merck's patent cliff has the company struggling to cut costs while it scrambles to make up for lost revenue, and sales and marketing has been no exception. Now, the job-cutting ax has come out for Merck's U.S. field force, where 600 positions will be chopped by August. Most at risk: Pennsylvania-based sales folks focused on declining primary care meds.

Bayer nabs new OKs for Eylea, Stivarga as top meds skate past forecasts

Bayer's drug business has been on a roll, thanks to some serious growth in its 5 newest products, including the clot-fighter Xarelto and the PAH med Adempas.

Pop some corks, Tecfidera sales folks: Your $700M for Q2 trounced estimates

What's better than beating sales estimates with a new drug? Blowing those estimates out of the water. Biogen Idec can celebrate that today, thanks to $700 million in quarterly Tecfidera sales.