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Who are the stars of personalized medicine? Roche, Novartis and J&J

The star of personalized medicine is just the company you'd expect: Roche, with its drug-plus-diagnostic approach to cancer R&D and its stable of blockbuster HER2-positive therapies, and a total of almost $20 billion in sales from its targeted drugs.

MannKind fans and critics line up for Sanofi's Afrezza pre-game show

For Sanofi's upcoming rollout of Afrezza, the inhaled insulin developed by MannKind, the crowd is already assembling.

From GPS inhalers to Jawbone data-gathering, some digital pharma inspiration

Mobile apps and digital tracking and the quantified self. A world of opportunities for drugmakers, right? That's the hypothesis. Digital data-gathering and monitoring won't just help patients manage their conditions and take their meds on time, but also persuade skeptical payers that products are worth their cost.

FDA updates Tecfidera label with info on patient's death from PML

The FDA has decided that the death last month of a patient taking Biogen Idec's hot multiple sclerosis pill Tecfidera was important enough to mention on Tecfidera labels.

Sanofi tags newly OK'd MS drug Lemtrada at $158K, ready to tout head-to-head Rebif data

Sanofi finally has its FDA approval for Lemtrada. The multiple sclerosis drug, previously rejected by the agency, will hit the market after a trio of new oral treatments. It will come with a boxed warning and faces tight controls on prescribing and distribution.