Editor's Corner

World's best CEOs? Gilead, Allergan, Novo and Valeant make top 10

What's almost as good as positive press for a drug brand? Kudos for the company itself. So, should image-minded pharma folk be stoked by the fact that four industry CEOs made Harvard Business Review's list of the world's best chief executives? Let's consider.

Looking 'beyond the pill'? Start with an app--and then follow this to-do list

Everyone's telling pharma companies that they need to go "beyond the pill." It's not just about drug sales anymore. It's about listening. It's about outcomes. It's about relationships with payers and with patients.

Novartis breaks out in song with MS campaign featuring David Osmond

Novartis has added a bit of pop to its already extensive Gilenya marketing. Not content with a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, a self-management smartphone app, and a gaggle of awareness pushes, the Swiss drugmaker is now in the music business.

Pictures tell the story in AstraZeneca's breast cancer photo-sharing push

Pharma companies are no stranger to photography-based disease awareness campaigns. But there's something different about AstraZeneca's latest breast cancer photo campaign: The photographers are the patients themselves.

GlaxoSmithKline chops up mature drugs portfolio for $3B sale

GlaxoSmithKline may be hitting obstacles all over the world, what with bribery fines and probes, Advair rivals in Europe, and the like. But the U.K. drugmaker has managed to make progress on its plan to offload some of its older products.