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Who's doing the mobile app dance right? Only a few in pharma, report says

Mobile apps are where it's at. That's the conclusion of comScore's latest report on the consumer-app nexus. And that's one conclusion of PricewaterhouseCooper's new report on technology in the pharma business.

PhRMA jumps into Integrilin off-label case, free-speech arguments at the ready

PhRMA has jumped into a California False Claims Act case, with a friend-of-the-court brief defending Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough and Merck's right to talk up unapproved uses of the clot-fighting drug Integrilin.

Listen to celebrity drug ads? Patients do hear, but they don't obey

Celebrities are making more and more appearances in pharma's DTC advertising. The way drugmakers see it, celeb endorsements help their meds score with patients the same way they help sell consumer goods. Or do they?

Regeneron CEO: Anticipating PCSK9 launch, but worried about pricing debate

Regeneron is charging toward an FDA submission for its cholesterol-fighting drug candidate alirocumab. But in the meantime, CEO Leonard Schleifer says he's worried that the brouhaha over drug prices might undermine Regeneron's pricing power

UPDATED: Hospira says it will whack its U.S. branded sales team if Precedex generics launch

The launch of a generic of a key product in the U.S. always makes a sales organization uneasy because it inevitably means layoffs. But the last thing any sales team wants to hear is that its boss will have to lay off pretty much everyone if a generic comes to market. Yet that is what Hospira told a court is in store if it doesn't block copies of its sedative Precedex.