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  • House bill would force FDA to ease up on social media

    A Missouri congressman wants to know why the pharma industry is sitting on the sidelines of social media. Actually, Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) has an idea why--and he's proposing legislation to change it. He recently introduced H.R. 2479, which would force the FDA to let pharma share more info about its products online.

Bayer draws up big sales plans for ex-Merck OTC meds

Bayer has said it can pump an extra $400 million in revenue out of the OTC portfolio it acquired from Merck last year. And with that target in mind, new launches are on the agenda.

AbbVie has room to cut marketing spend if Humira biosims start hurting: analysts

With biosimilars makers eager to grab a piece of Humira's $12.5 billion-plus revenue, copies of AbbVie's blockbuster are on their way. What analysts disagree on, though, is when they'll arrive and how long it'll take them to make their presence known--and a pair of UBS analysts, for one, thinks the Illinois pharma has some marketing maneuvers up its sleeve to minimize their impact.

Feds demand $3.4B in damages, fines in Novartis kickback case

Kickback allegations against Novartis just got scarier. After years of investigating the Swiss drugmaker, the Justice Department and 11 states are demanding almost $3.4 billion in damages and fines in a False Claims Act lawsuit nearing trial.

Latest Sunshine Act bombshell: $6.5B in doc-and-hospital payments last year

The latest Sunshine Act numbers are out, and they're big: Drug and device companies handed over nearly $6.5 billion to doctors and teaching hospitals last year. The biggest share came in the form of research grants, which amounted to $3.23 billion, with royalty and licensing fees taking another big chunk.

Pay friends to quit smoking with Pfizer's new digital tool

Stop-smoking apps aren't new, but Pfizer and the American Lung Association's latest enlists friends and family--and their pocketbooks, too. The Quitter's Circle lets smokers invite friends to their quit teams and includes educational support, healthcare provider support and even the ability to crowdsource funds to finance the effort.