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  • Novartis revs up Cosentyx launch as it braces for a psoriasis pricing war

    Novartis' Cosentyx may be the first next-gen psoriasis treatment to hit the U.S. market, but it certainly won't be the last--and the Swiss drugmaker knows it. So while competitors usher their own prospects down the regulatory pathway, the company is girding for the price war it envisions in its future.

Express Scripts takes a bow for cutting $4B off hep C drug spending

Express Scripts CMO Steve Miller has a number for you: $4 billion. That's the amount U.S. payers will save on hepatitis C drugs this year, thanks to cost-cutting deals with Gilead Sciences and AbbVie. And Miller doesn't mind saying that Express Scripts started the trend.

Auryxia differentiation strategy, check. Next, Keryx has to persuade prescribers

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals' launch for hyperphosphatemia med Auryxia is officially underway, and the way incoming CEO Greg Madison sees it, the company has reason to be optimistic. While the New York-based company has its rivals--and competitive ones, at that--the drugmaker has what it takes to carve out its own corner of the market, he says.

Bayer, J&J launch new stroke study to pump up payer-persuading Xarelto data

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson have plunked down hundreds of millions to study the anticoagulant Xarelto for one use after another. Armed with more indications than any of its warfarin-alternative rivals, Xarelto now has the biggest share of that market.

Pfizer paid $400M to dispatch an investor suit over off-label marketing allegations

Last year, Pfizer got a federal judge to toss an investor lawsuit tied to its now-withdrawn pain drug Bextra. But that wasn't the only investor suit raising similar issues--namely that Pfizer's board had not been forthright about marketing allegations involving Bextra and other drugs.

Depomed drawing on digital savvy--and 250 reps--to relaunch Nucynta franchise

Depomed has big plans for the Nucynta franchise it picked up last week from Johnson & Johnson for $1.05 billion, and they start with a relaunch.