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British docs weigh in on pharma, and it's no better than most U.S. opinions

Pharma is snookered in England too. British healthcare providers are just as unhappy with drugmakers as everyone else. The newest survey finds that more than 40% of U.K. doctors view the industry negatively, reports healthcare data intelligence firm Binley's.

The data difference? Publicis adds data practice to sharpen healthcare media buying and planning

Publicis Health Media is marrying healthcare data to traditional media metrics for a digital mix that could cut pharma marketing costs and potentially improve patient care at the same time.

Bristol-Myers shells out $14.7M in China bribery settlement

Bristol-Myers Squibb is the latest Big Pharma to pay up for bribery in China. The U.S.-based drugmaker agreed to a $14.7 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, to wrap up charges that its Chinese joint venture shelled out cash and other incentives to boost scripts for its drugs.

Discounts make room for both Sanofi, Amgen's PCSK9 meds on Express Scripts' top formulary

At Express Scripts, both Sanofi and Regeneron's Praluent and Amgen's Repatha scored a spot on the preferred formulary, which gives both PCSK9 products a chance to snare the pharmacy benefits manager's patients.

Want to get a warning letter from OPDP? Omit drug risks from your promos

Sometimes it seems that the FDA has a scattershot approach to policing pharma marketing, with warning letters few and far between--and some of them lobbed from left field. But there's one tried-and-true way to invite unwanted attention from the agency's marketing police: Leave side effects out of drug promos, according to an analysis presented at a recent conference.