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Meda breaks down asthma with Medikidz comic book series for children

Meda Pharmaceutical's "Medikidz Explains Asthma" comic book series tells the story of asthma using precise clinical terms, but in a way that kids can understand and relate to.

If TV's everywhere, then where does pharma need to be?

Good-bye appointment TV, hello TV everywhere. As TV and video watching becomes wherever and whenever consumers want, marketers, including pharma, have had to shift strategies to reach those hard-to-pin-down viewers.

Purple haze: Dr. Reddy's strikes back at AstraZeneca in Nexium court battle

AstraZeneca scored a victory earlier this month after a Delaware district court ruled that Nexium's distinctive purple hue protects it from copycat competitors. Now Dr. Reddy's is claiming that AstraZeneca not only knew about but also allowed sales of its purple Nexium generics before filing its recent suit, breaking the terms of a previous settlement between the two companies.

Turing sidesteps list-price discount on jacked-up therapy Daraprim

Turing Pharmaceuticals has been saying for a while now that it would lower the price of its toxoplasmosis med, Daraprim, responding to growing backlash from lawmakers and the public after it bought the drug in August and jacked up its price by more than 5,000%. Now the company is taking a different route, opting to negotiate discounts with hospitals rather than cut the drug's list price.

Healthcare ad and media agencies break into annual 'best workplaces' ranking

Two healthcare agencies made a noteworthy list this week. And while it was only two, it still points to how pharma marketing is moving more mainstream as healthcare and prescription drugs infiltrate the daily political and cultural conversation.