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  • Merck zeroing in on hep C niches to avoid undercutting Gilead, AbbVie

    Last month, a game theory expert suggested Merck & Co. focus on winning corners of the hep C market small enough that dominant players Gilead and AbbVie won't challenge its forthcoming combo treatment. And according to Merck execs, the company is already working to do just that.

Can a dwindling rep tally keep Vivus' obesity med in the game?

With a trio of new obesity meds on the scene, some industry watchers expected the market to see some serious expansion. But development has been slow--much slower than Qsymia maker Vivus expected--and halving its rep tally is just one step the drugmaker is taking to help ease the pain.

Sanofi and MannKind launch Afrezza DTC ad campaign in stealth mode

Surprise! It's a DTC campaign for Sanofi and Mannkind's Afrezza. The low-key ad launch of "Surprise, It's Insulin" came with little fanfare, unlike the media and industry scuttlebutt surrounding the drug itself, which has been closely watched and analyzed for more than a year.

Shyft Analytics: Targeted drugs need a data-fueled marketing shift

Specialty and rare disease drug success hinges on patient population adoption. And with the rise of more of those kinds of treatments, Big Pharma has to figure out how to market to smaller and smaller audiences. Traditional marketing strategies for blockbusters won't work for orphan drugs. Mass media might reach an intended target, but at what cost?

Express Scripts kicks another batch of meds off its preferred formulary

Vocal pharma-pricing critic Express Scripts added another 10 drugs to its list of excluded meds for 2016. With 80 drugs now ineligible for routine reimbursement, the pharmacy benefits manager says it has excluded about $1.3 billion worth of costs. The new National Preferred Formulary can apply to up to 25 million members.

Sanofi's LixiLan hits PhIII goal, moving one step closer to a Novo showdown

Sanofi's diabetes business--long the company's growth driver--is in for a slowdown over the next few years, and any sales expansion the French drugmaker sees will depend, in part, on new U.S. launches. Now, experimental combo med LixiLan is one step closer to joining that launch group after nailing its main goal in a late-stage trial.