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Brand websites drive new patients to scripts--and old patients to refills

How's your brand's website? Better keep a close eye on it. That site could be your best shot at persuading new patients to start a drug--and current patients to keep taking it.

Do teens hear what we hear? FDA aims to find out in study of acne, ADHD ads

Acne remedies and ADHD drugs are big markets for the teen demographic--but how exactly are young consumers interpreting advertisements for these products? A soon-to-launch FDA study aims to find out exactly that.

FDA fast-tracks Roche's Avastin for tough-to-treat ovarian cancer

Last week, it was priority review for cervical cancer. This week, it's the fast track for difficult-to-treat ovarian cancer. That's the record for Roche's Avastin, which is now up for quick FDA approval of two new indications.

Celgene has to fight a former rep's off-label marketing suit, judge says

Thanks to a recent court ruling, a former Celgene sales rep's off-label marketing lawsuit will go forward.

J&J's new hep C med Olysio aced Q2. So why are investors worried?

After J&J unveiled street-beating Q2 results yesterday, fueled in part by Olysio's $831 million in sales for the quarter, its stock price actually dropped. Investors figure Olysio's money-minting capabilities won't last, not with competitors racing toward launch themselves.