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Tech it out: Pfizer, AARP and UnitedHealthcare push innovation

It's no secret that technology is transforming healthcare. But Big Pharma? Not quite yet. Some risk-averse drugmakers have been slow to adopt the digital lifestyle.

The coming generics threat to Pfizer's Viagra brand just got scarier

The glory days for Pfizer's Viagra are winding down in the U.S., and now, another generics company has the go-ahead to help pave the way for the drug's demise.

DTC ad viewers really do ask their doctors about new meds, survey finds

Almost one-quarter (21%) of respondents in a recent survey said they talk to a doctor about a drug or treatment after watching a TV ad. The survey, taken by pharma analytics firm on its website, found that an additional 5.8% suggest the treatment to someone else after viewing an ad.

AZ's Onglyza should highlight heart failure risks, FDA panel advises

AstraZeneca dodged a bullet Tuesday, when an FDA panel of experts almost unanimously backed Onglyza's cardiovascular safety. But the committee did recommend that the label of the diabetes therapy feature information about a potential risk of heart failure.

Pfizer, Merck KGaA suit up for Xalkori marketing wave

When Pfizer teamed up with Merck KGaA on lung cancer, the headlines zeroed in on the sexiest part of the $2.85 billion deal: their immuno-oncology plans. The two companies will work together on cancer-fighters in the PD-L1 arena, one of the hottest fields in pharma these days, including a Phase II Merck drug.