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Is your DTC campaign working? New program tracks viewers from TV to pharmacy

Imagine you're a pharma marketer shrouded by an invisibility cloak. You can see when someone views your latest ad campaign on television, and then follow them to the doctor's office or even the pharmacy when they pick up their meds. A new initiative from Nielsen Catalina Solutions and marketing analytics firm Crossix Solutions aims to do just that, helping pharma marketers craft more targeted campaigns by anonymously measuring TV viewership in real-time and tracking prescription purchases.


Cancer survivor's petition pleads with Roche for lower Kadcyla price

A U.K. cancer survivor has gathered almost 30,000 signatures on a petition asking Roche to lower the price of its new breast cancer treatment Kadcyla. The breakthrough armed-antibody therapy is priced at about $94,000 for a 9-month course--or almost $150,000 when used as designed, alongside Roche's other new breast cancer drug Perjeta.

Novartis recruits Nick Cannon for double-whammy flu campaign

In choosing a face for its new Theraflu Fluprint campaign, Novartis Consumer Health was on the hunt for someone who understood the importance of being flu-ready--and who used Theraflu products, of course, company spokeswoman Liz Power told FiercePharmaMarketing.

GlaxoSmithKline puts emerging markets chief Hussain in charge of global pharma ops

With a three-part, multibillion-dollar transaction with Novartis set to close next year, changes are on the way for GlaxoSmithKline--and, fittingly, for its top management ranks, too.

Can Amgen's marketing muscle vault its Humira biosim ahead of rivals?

The market for Humira is a large one: the med raked in $11.02 billion last year to top the list of the world's best-selling drugs. So it's no surprise that biosimilar developers are going after a piece of that market--including Amgen, which released some head-to-head data last week that could help it make its regulatory case.