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For Novartis' respiratory ambitions, it's a tale of 'two worlds'

Targeting different markets naturally requires using different marketing strategies. But for Novartis, which is aiming to become a major respiratory player, its approaches within and outside the U.S. could end up being worlds apart.

Big Pharma has apps up for grabs, but not many users are biting

Big Pharma has plenty of apps up for grabs, with companies like Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim and Johnson & Johnson rolling out flashy new products to pique consumers' interest. But as it turns out, not too many consumers are downloading them.

Orphan drug pricing for non-orphan meds? Express Scripts is looking at you, Gilead

Anyone following the hepatitis C drug market knows that Express Scripts CMO Steve Miller has a strong point of view. He's been quite vocal about Gilead Sciences' pricing on Sovaldi, the first in a new generation of oral treatments. Now, he's turned to the Gilead follow-up to that drug, a combo med dubbed Harvoni that aims to take the place of older cocktails.

Sanofi board ousts CEO, aiming for a more 'cooperative' chief

In a terse statement Wednesday morning, Sanofi's board said it had unanimously voted to fire Viehbacher, who has led the company since 2008.

Advair sales slide triggers another $1.6B in cost cuts at GlaxoSmithKline

Brace yourselves for layoffs at GlaxoSmithKline. The saga is familiar: An aging blockbuster loses steam to competing meds, and its maker gets out the cost-cutting ax to compensate. This time, the faltering drug is Advair, which adds some new twists to the story--including a warning to the whole pharma industry about formulary placement.