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Were Low-T ads 'disease mongering'? Two experts say yes

A couple of geriatrics experts have joined the chorus of recommendations against testosterone therapy. But they're going a step further. They say drugmakers' enthusiastic advertising--which happened to be effective, too--was actually disease-mongering.

Sanofi aims for that sweet smell of success with spring Nasacort campaign

Sanofi is hoping to spring forward with a new marketing campaign for OTC Nasacort.

Psoriasis data wars heat up at AAD with Novartis, Boehringer studies

Newcomers showed off at this year's American Academy of Dermatology meeting, with more than one touting Stelara-beating data--and prepping the market for an all-out psoriasis war.

The 2014 DTC ads that made the grade

Any opinions about which new direct-to-consumer TV ads worked best last year? Check yours against the top 10 curated by Medical Marketing & Media.

Mayo docs join the revolt against rising cancer drug prices

Anyone who follows the pharma industry knows just how much cancer drug prices have increased as of late--Mayo Clinic oncologists among them. And they've got their own ideas on how to turn that around, though they're not necessarily ideas pharma would favor.