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Know-it-all consumers force drugmakers to step up their call-center game

Pharmaceutical call center applicants should come prepared with an impressive resume, as more companies are turning to experienced professionals to field questions from consumers, according to a new survey by pharma business intelligence provider Cutting Edge Information.

Pfizer turns the sex talk toward 50-ish women with menopause awareness push

Anyone who's watched a Viagra commercial knows that Pfizer isn't too embarrassed to talk about sex. Anyone who's run across Pfizer's "Get Old" campaign knows it doesn't shy away from aging, either. Now, the drug giant is going equal opportunity on the sex-and-aging talk, and "Desperate Housewives" actress Brenda Strong has the dialogue.

Amgen slaps record-breaking $178K price on rare leukemia drug Blincyto

We now have a new record price for cancer treatment. Amgen's leukemia drug Blincyto, approved by the FDA this month to treat an uncommon form of the disease, will cost $178,000 per patient. It's the latest in a new round of expensive treatments, each of which seems to top the last.

More CEO watchers put Gilead's Martin on their 'best of 2014' lists

After winning top reviews from the Harvard Business Review for his 2014 performance, Gilead's John Martin has picked up a "best CEO" nod from a prof at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business.

Actavis revs up new commercial team for post-Allergan-merger sales race

Before Actavis swooped in to grab Allergan from hostile suitor Valeant, analysts said a tie-up between the two could create a marketing superpower. Now, a month after Actavis and Allergan announced their merger agreement, the drugmakers have a plan they think can make that happen.